Pastel & Green

Having a party? 

Disposable partyware has become the norm at kid's and outdoor parties. It's easy to buy, colurfuland makes tidying up at the end of the party a piece of cake. But......for a party of 30 people, that's an average of 100 items or more ending up in landfill.

There is another way!

Hire a party kit! This reduces waste and with Pastel & Green it can be pretty! Our kits are beautiful to the eye and kind to the planet. It contains reusable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, jugs, serving platters, cake stand and bunting - everything needed for a beautiful party! The kit is returned to be used again and again, meaning there is zero waste. And hiring a kit is often cheaper than buying disposable partyware from a supermarket - especially when it is this pretty.

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